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Truck drivers earn a very good living, but they don’t always live very well. Long hours and poor eating habits are just a few of the factors that can contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle as a commercial truck driver. Staying healthy

has many benefits for yourself, your career, and your family. After you, complete truck driving school in Portland and embark on your new career path, keep these tips in mind to feel better and stay healthy behind the wheel.

Catch Up on Your Sleep/information/
Sleep is one of the most overlooked aspects of a healthy lifestyle, and it’s also incredibly important for men and women who are operating commercial trucks. Sleeping can be hard enough on the road, so make it easier for yourself to fall asleep by avoiding caffeine and heavy meals a couple of hours before you turn in for the night.

Keep in Touch with Friends and Family
Managing stress is another important aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle, and who better to help you overcome the stress of being away from your friends and family than your friends and family. There are more ways than ever to stay connected with the people who matter most, so be sure to keep in touch if the solitude of the job starts to get to you.

Improve Your Diet
The best way to improve your health is to be more careful about what you eat. You don’t have to cook every meal in advance or starve yourself if you can’t find any healthy options; you only need to learn how to manage the bad food you take in. For example, instead of loading up on chips and candy bars at truck stops, buy dried fruits or nuts instead. You should also try to cut as much sugar, flour, and salt out of your diet as possible.