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Not everyone knows what their futures hold when they enroll at a truck driving school near Portland, and there are many avenues that you can follow through the truck driving industry. There are different kinds of trucking jobs, and they offer different advantages to drivers. The truck driving industry is crucial for modern society, and earning your CDL may qualify you for jobs you hadn’t even considered. Livestock hauling is one of the less prototypical types of trucking jobs, but it can be a fulfilling career choice. Keep reading to learn about livestock hauling.

Like any other type of trucking job, livestock hauling will have you spending much of your time on the road. The work will be different on a few levels, however, because the products you are hauling are alive and must be taken care of. Because of this, you might deal with certain smells that you wouldn’t experience in other areas of the trucking industry, and you’ll need to be more attentive to the load you’re hauling. Keep in mind that you might still be on the road for long stretches of time, so make sure you are comfortable enough taking care of yourself to see if you’re ready for livestock hauling.