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Are you considering truck driving school in Portland so you can obtain your CDL? Earning a CDL requires you to demonstrate your driving skills and knowledge of driving a commercial vehicle. Fortunately, a good truck driver school can help you prepare for your CDL exams. Here are all the requirements you must meet to obtain a CDL.

Basic Requirements

The state of Oregon requires that CDL holders be at least 18 years old. You must also submit a copy of a medical examiner’s certificate and pass a vision screening. If necessary, you must provide a medical waiver or exception that proves you meet Oregon’s minimum medical standards for holding a CDL. Furthermore, you cannot be suspended or disqualified from holding a CDL in any state. In the final stages of the application process, you must have your photograph taken, pay all the applicable testing and issuance fees, and provide proof of your identity and residence address.

Driving Requirements

You must pass the CDL skills test to obtain your CDL in Oregon. Trucking schools can be a huge help when preparing for this test. Before the test you will be required to perform a pre-trip inspection of your vehicle, during which you will explain to the examiner what you are inspecting and why. You will need to pass tests that show you know how to exercise control over your vehicle in a number of different traffic situations.

Knowledge Requirements

You will be tested on your knowledge of road signs, traffic laws, and other information that is important to know when driving in Oregon. The information you need to know to pass the test is found in the online Oregon Driver Manual. For the best preparation, however, you should sign up with a truck driving school in Portland.

Instruction Permit Requirements

If you take the commercial drive test with a third-party CDL tester, you must obtain an instruction permit first. To apply for an instruction permit you must meet the qualifications for or currently hold a regular driver’s license. You must also pass the CDL General Knowledge Test.