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When you attend truck driving school, you will have a variety of exciting career opportunities available to you. Whether you are interested in long haul commercial trucking jobs or jobs that will keep you closer to home, truck driver schools offer the training you need to get your CDL and start a new job. Enrolling in a truck driving school in Portland will get you on the path to getting hired for your first job in the trucking industry. If you are wondering about the types of career opportunities that will be available after you obtain your CDL, here is a look at some trucking jobs.

Hauling Refrigerated Freight
Refrigerated freight trucks are also known as reefers. These types of commercial trucks are equipped with a completely air conditioned area for the cargo. Typically, these types of trucks are used to transport delicate or perishable items, such as food or pharmaceuticals. When you drive a refrigerated freight truck, you will need to add an endorsement to your CDL. Your truck driving school can help you prepare for your specific endorsement.

Hauling Containers
When you drive a container hauler, you may be required to drive long distances. Container haulers are equipped with a large metal container that is loaded on the back of the rig. These containers can carry a variety of goods and types of items. If you are seeking a rewarding job that will allow you to travel across the country, you may want to consider becoming a container hauler.

Local Trucking Jobs
If spending your nights at home is a priority for you, you may want to look into local trucking jobs in your area. When you work as a local commercial driver, you will be responsible for driving routes in town and across shorter distances. This type of trucking job is terrific for someone with a family.