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Your style of dress can have a drastic impact on others’ perception of you; your clothes can also have a significant influence on your own productivity and mood. Although many trucking jobs in Portland may require you to spend long hours behind the wheel or on your own, the clothes you wear while on the job are still important for several reasons. Recent studies have shown that good-quality clothing that fits well and projects a professional image can influence your brain and augment your personal sense of the traits necessary for your occupation. Dressing for success means not only dressing professionally, but also dressing appropriately for the truck driver jobs you undertake. Clothing should be of good quality and fit, but allow you to sit comfortably and move easily when you must leave your truck for fueling, deliveries, or trailer loading and unloading. When you take the time to dress well for your CDL jobs, you’ll enjoy greater confidence and comfort, as well as personal success that can boost your desirability when seeking future CDL job placement to advance your career.