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Truck driver jobs are in high demand and drivers can earn a tremendous amount of money, but if there’s one downside to a career as a truck driver it’s that the job itself can be sedentary. That’s why it’s important for drivers to embrace a healthy lifestyle on the road, and at home, so they can avoid physical problems that might keep them off the road and prevent them from earning a paycheck. To have a long career as a truck driver after you graduate from truck driving school in Portland, here are some tips for being a healthy driver once you land the truck driver job you’ve been dreaming about:

  • Get plenty of sleep before operating a commercial vehicle
  • Find ways to incorporate exercise into your routine as a driver, such as doing push-ups or jumping jacks while you’re waiting for your trailer to be loaded or unloaded
  • Make healthier food choices on the road, particularly when it comes to sodas and sugary beverages which can account for most of your daily sugar and caloric intake
  • Get annual check-ups so your doctor can monitor your health and make recommendations to help you lead a healthier and happier life