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What You Can Expect From A Truck Driving School

Things to know as you begin your path toward a new career in trucking

Are you thinking about changing your life and becoming a truck driver? Well, the first step is picking the right school to learn how to drive big trucks. There are many programs in the Portland area, but it’s important to find one that teaches you everything about truck driving and the trucking business. Let’s talk about what you can expect from truck driving school.

Four Weeks of Learning

Getting your truck driver’s license takes time and focus. Luckily, truck driving programs are made to get you ready for a job as quickly as possible. You’ll need about a month for classes, tests, and learning about truck equipment. In total, you’ll spend 160 hours (that’s four weeks of full-time learning) to understand the rules of truck driving and practice driving a real truck.

Practice Tests

After finishing your truck driving program, you still have to pass a test from the Department of Motor Vehicles to officially get your license. Your school will give you practice tests to help you prepare for this important test and any extra endorsements you’d like to obtain.

Learning by Doing

You can only learn so much from books and tests. You need to actually drive a truck to get the hang of it. Your school should have modern trucks for you to practice driving, inspecting, and taking care of. This real experience is super important to help you get your license and drive a truck safely for your future job.

Lots of Job Opportunities

The U.S. always needs truck drivers to move stuff around the country. Right now, there aren’t enough truck drivers because some are retiring. If you finish your training, you’ll be in demand. Look for a school that helps you find a job when you’re done with your training.

Freedom to Choose

Being a truck driver is different from a regular office job. You get to travel and see new places. You also get to pick which company you want to work for. Because there’s a need for truck drivers, you can choose what suits your lifestyle. Maybe you want to travel a lot, or maybe you prefer shorter drives. Going to truck driving school helps you get ready for a cool job in the trucking world. Going to a truck driving school is a good idea, whether you’re new to driving or you want to refresh your skills. You’ll learn a lot, get job options, and enjoy the freedom of the open road. At Elite Truck School, we have over two decades of experience training drivers and take pride in ensuring we provide the best learning experience possible.

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