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Tips To Help You Hone Your Double Clutch Skills

A Guide For Shifting Gears in Big Trucks

Driving a big truck with a manual transmission is a skill that experienced truckers have. If you’re used to a regular car with a stick shift, get ready for something different when you drive a big truck. In big trucks, smooth gear changes depend on a technique called double clutching.

Breaking Down Double Clutching

Unlike the simple process of shifting gears in a regular manual car, handling a semi-truck demands finesse and a unique approach. Double clutching involves a two-step process when changing gears. First, press the clutch to pull the gear out, let go of the clutch, and then press it again to shift into the desired gear.

Release the Clutch Slowly

When double clutching, avoid letting go of the clutch suddenly. Release it smoothly. Moving between gears should be easy, without any sudden bumps. This helps make the ride comfortable and prevents extra wear on the transmission.

Keep an Eye on Your Truck

While shifting gears, watch out for any signs of trouble. If you feel a bump or have difficulty shifting, it’s a sign that something might be wrong. It could be your technique or an issue with the transmission.

Pick a Reliable Transmission

A good truck driver not only learns the technique but also makes sure the equipment is up to the job. Regular checks and understanding your truck’s transmission are important. Choosing a reliable transmission means your truck will last longer and work better.

Get Proper Training

Driving a big truck with a manual transmission is a unique skill that deserves respect. Whether you’re experienced or just starting, mastering double clutching gives you better control and makes your ride smoother. To master these skills, it’s important to have proper training and practice. At Elite Truck School, we have over 20 years of experience training drivers in the Greater Portland area. Our skilled instructors work with students to ensure they understand proper shifting techniques along with other aspects of what it takes to be a safe and successful truck driver.

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