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Qualifications For The Elite Truck School Program

Discover the Requirements for CDL Training in Portland, OR

Are you ready to kickstart your career in truck driving and earn your Class A CDL? We’re thrilled to guide you through the process and assist in securing a rewarding job. Before enrolling in one of our esteemed truck driving schools in the Portland area, it’s crucial to ensure that you meet the following qualifications. Prospective students must:

  1. Age Requirement: Be at least 18 years old.
  2. Education: Hold a high school diploma or equivalent. If not available, pass an Ability-to-Benefit Exam administered by Elite Truck School.
  3. Driving Experience: Possess a valid driver’s license at the time of enrollment and have a minimum of 1 year of automobile driving experience.
  4. Drug Testing: Be capable of passing a DOT drug test, conveniently scheduled for you.
  5. Physical Fitness: Successfully pass a DOT physical exam.
  6. Driving Record: Submit a DMV driving record, free from major violations.

Driver’s License and Driving Record

A valid driver’s license is a must, with a minimum of one year’s possession. Additionally, candidates are required to obtain and provide a current DMV printout of their driving record. This record should reflect a clean history, free from:

  • More than three moving violations in the last three years.
  • More than one chargeable accident in the last five years.
  • Any alcohol violations in the last five years.

Language Proficiency

As a truck driver, effective communication is essential. Candidates must be able to read, speak, and understand the English language sufficiently to:

  • Converse with the general public.
  • Understand highway traffic signs and signals.
  • Respond to official inquiries.
  • Make legible entries on reports and records.

Embarking on the journey to obtain your CDL is an exciting step toward a fulfilling career in the trucking industry. Ensure you meet these requirements, and feel free to reach out if you have any lingering questions. We’re here to support you on your path to success!

If you meet these requirements and are interested in CDL training, contact us today at 503-615-8465!