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Mission Statement

At Elite Truck School, we recognize the transportation industry’s growing need for professional truck drivers. It is our goal to help people make informed decisions regarding a career choice to enter the truck driving industry. For the men/women who elect to pursue a career in truck driving, we then want to give them comprehensive tractor/trailer training so they may be on their way to a long and successful career. We also want to provide trucking companies with some of the finest individuals entering the profession.

About our founder

Greg Reisnaur owns Elite Truck School, which he founded in 2003. Greg has had a career in the trucking industry that few people in America can surpass. He has had accomplishments in the industry that only a small percentage of people have experienced.

1989 Oregon Truck Driving Champion
1990 Oregon Truck Driving Champion
1992 Oregon Road Team Captain
1993 America’s Road Team Captain

The America’s Road Team is a program developed and supported by the American Trucking Associations. The program annually selects about 10 professional truck drivers out of thousands of applicants nationally to promote the trucking industry. In choosing Road Team Captains, they look for candidates who promote a professional image, have full knowledge and understanding of the industry, possess a passion for safety, have a superior safety record, and have the ability to speak and educate all sectors of the public. Road Team functions include participating in newspaper interviews, radio talk shows, and television interviews, as well as speaking at community and company functions, events, and meetings.

The Oregon Road Team program is identical to the America’s Road Team, except it is on a state level as opposed to a national level.

Where it all began

Greg’s career began upon graduation from a Junior College Truck Driving Program in 1983. From there, he entered into the industry working for small companies as an over-the-road driver. He gained experience in pulling flatbeds, reefers, vans, and tankers.

In 1986, he was hired by Consolidated Freightways as a city pickup and delivery driver and dockworker. From 1986 to 1994, he performed various jobs including city driving, dock work, hostling in the yard, and driving over-the-road, which included sleeper team driving.

In 1994 Greg became a manager for Consolidated Freightways and was an over-the-road dispatcher and load planner for two years. In 1996, Greg became the Dispatch Operations Manager for the Portland facility. His responsibility included managing 130 over-the-road drivers and 6 to 9 dispatchers. His duties included hiring and training drivers, which included safety training, driver compliance, Department of Transportation compliance, and hazardous materials compliance. He also oversaw accident investigations, union grievance matters, workers’ compensation issues, and payroll.

In 2001, Greg was promoted to the Corporate Headquarters as a Systems Operations Manager. His job duties included overseeing the entire company’s day-to-day over-the-road operations. He dealt directly with corporate vice presidents as well as field vice presidents. He was directly responsible for freight movement nationwide, as well as driver management on the system level.

Elite Truck School 20th Anniversary

Elite Truck School is proud to reach its 20th-anniversary milestone, and its dedication to providing top-notch truck driving education remains unwavering. As a leader in the industry, Elite Truck School offers a wide range of training programs and services to help students achieve their career goals. This achievement is a testament to the hard work and commitment of the Elite Truck School team, and it looks forward to continuing to serve the needs of its students and the trucking industry for many years to come.

For questions or comments please email Elite Truck School.