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Our Portland CDL Instruction Team

Our office staff

Greg Reisnaur
– Owner and founder since 2003. Read more about Greg.

Suzanne Reisnaur
– Office Manager. Suzanne helps with admissions and is our School Certifying Official for veterans. She assists veterans with using their education benefits here at our school. Suzanne has been in the trucking industry for 20 years.

Tyler Reisnaur
– General Manager/Curriculum Development. Tyler applies his graduate work in adult education to constantly refine our curriculum, ensuring that all of our students have the best possible learning experience.

Instruction staff

Dean Spreadborough
– Instructor. Dean is a 2016 graduate of Elite Truck School and has experience in driving local pick-up and delivery. Dean began teaching here in 2018.

Scott Youngs
– Instructor. Scott graduated from Elite Truck School in 2010 and his driving experience is in driving local pick-up and delivery. Scott started teaching here in 2016.

Paul Coates
– Instructor. Paul graduated from Elite Truck School in 2011. Paul has experience in driving over-the-road and local concrete trucks. Paul has over 5 years of experience teaching students to drive.

Max Olvera
– Instructor. Max graduated from Elite Truck School in 2017. Max’s experience is driving for local landscaping companies and nurseries. Max is a bi-;lingual Spanish speaker. Max returned to Elite in 2020 to begin his teaching career.

Jason Knighton
– Instructor. Jason is a 2019 graduate of Elite Truck School. Jason has over 15 years of experience as a Class “B” commercial driver. He started his teaching career here in 2020.

Sergio Gonzalez
– Instructor. Sergio has over 6 years of Class “A” driving experience. Sergio began teaching here in 2021 and is a bi-lingual Spanish speaker.

For more information on our staff, call us at (503) 608-4171.