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Looking At The Physical Requirements For CDL Drivers

Your Guide to the Physical Part of the CDL Test

Starting a career as a truck driver is exciting, but there are important things to know, like passing the physical part of the CDL test. This guide will help you understand why this test is important, what it involves, and how you can get ready for it.

Why is it Important?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) says all truck drivers must have a physical check-up from time to time. This is to make sure drivers are healthy enough to drive safely and keep everyone on the road safe.

What the Physical Exam Looks At

The CDL physical test is done by a licensed “medical examiner” listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry. They will check a few important things to make sure you are fit for the job:

  • Eyesight: You need good eyesight to drive safely. The doctor will check how well you can see things and if you can see things on the side, too.
  • Blood Pressure: Keeping your blood pressure at a healthy level is important. High or low blood pressure can make it hard to drive safely for long hours.
  • Blood Sugar Levels: The test checks if you have diabetes by looking at your blood sugar levels. Having stable blood sugar is important for driving without problems.
  • Hearing: Being able to hear well is important for a truck driver. The examiner will check if you can hear things properly to stay safe on the road.
  • Overall Health: The examiner will look at how healthy you are overall. They want to make sure you can do all the physical parts of being a truck driver.

Getting Ready

To do well in the physical part of the CDL test, you can:

  • Stay Healthy: Exercise, eat good food, stay hydrated, and get enough rest.
  • Learn About the Test: Find out what the DOT says about health requirements. Knowing what to expect will help you get ready.
  • See the Doctor Regularly: Before the test, see a doctor for regular check-ups. This helps catch any problems early.
  • Take a CDL Training Program: These programs teach you not just how to drive but also help you with the physical parts of the test.

Passing the physical part of the CDL test is important for your dream of becoming a truck driver. Understand why the test matters, get ready by staying healthy, and consider taking a CDL training program.

At Elite Truck School, we take pride in being there to support our students through each step of their CDL training. We have over two decades of experience in ensuring that our students are informed and prepared for all aspects of the CDL test.

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Note: This advice is based on industry best practices. Please consult with your licensed medical professional prior to beginning your training if you have specific questions or concerns.