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Payment methods

Grants and Financing Available to Qualified Applicants
We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.
Our program also accepts funding from the following agencies:
Veteran’s Administration
Oregon Worksource
Trade Act/NAFTA
Department of Vocational Rehabilitation
Many companies that hire our graduates offer tuition reimbursement. Those companies will pay you back, over time, the investment that you have made in your career.

Don’t waste 4 years of time and money at a university when you could learn the trade of commercial truck driving and embark on a rewarding new career. Our truck driver training program takes one month to complete, and your career begins the moment you get behind the wheel. You won’t regret taking the leap to embark on our training program, and your wallet will agree. With our special prices for Oregon residents and funding options for U.S. veterans, our program will warrant you the highest quality education at an “I can swing that” price point. Check out our tuition and fees, listed below:

Veteran Sponsors

We’re proud to offer veterans a comfortable and stable environment to learn the trade of truck driving through our CDL trucking school courses. CDL jobs are a liberating and empowering way for veterans to re-enter the workforce, and many graduates of our program who are hired earn at least a liveable salary with generous benefits. Plus, employers have been known to reimburse graduates for tuition and fees, and veterans are among the most likely to reap these benefits.

For a veteran looking to re-enter the workforce, our funding partners can help ease the burden of the CDL certification program’s tuition and fees. The Veteran’s Administration can help to offset these fees, and information on how to apply for assistance can be found on their VA Education and Training Benefits page. Another resource is Worksource Oregon, with resources specifically dedicated to Oregon residents. Other organizations offering aid for tuition include:

Many of these sites simply require that the veteran applies for benefits with valid documentation of veteran status to claim reimbursement for their tuition while completing our CDL certification program. Oregon residents who are veterans and wish to go through CDL training will have an added benefit, especially when applying through Worksource Oregon. You’ll also be able to use your Post-9/11 GI Bill® at Elite Truck School. GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Click here for more information about education benefits offered by VA.

We’re proud to provide resources and education to our nation’s veterans. Veterans are made to feel at home at Elite Truck School, and our first-class education and personalized attention from instructors enables an engaging, professional learning environment. After the program, our lifetime CDL job placement services will help to ensure that you have a paycheck you can count on.

Careers for Veterans—Call Elite Truck School Today at 503-615-8465