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We’ll help you find the right job

Training students to become professional drivers is only half of our school’s goal; the other half is to do everything possible to help each graduate become gainfully employed. It does not make much sense to give you the training if you cannot put it to good use.

The first step in doing this is teaching you the skills needed to apply and interview for a position. We teach students effective communication skills, which include proper body language, attitude, self-confidence, and overall effectiveness. We also teach students how to fill out a job application properly.

We work with many trucking companies for job placement. We also offer lifetime job placement assistance.

Elite Truck School will furnish each prospective student a copy of our job placement ratio.

Elite Truck School is proud to offer a short, four-week CDL training program for aspiring commercial drivers in the Hillsboro area. After you complete the program and earn your CDL, our truck school will gladly help you find a lucrative position in the transportation industry. With the driver’s shortage, most all of our students have secured employment before they graduate. Many of the company recruiters that visit our school are now hiring for local positions, as well as regional.

CDL Job Placement In Portland, OR

Great jobs for licensed drivers

CDL training can be your ticket to a wide variety of great jobs. Here are a few you might consider:

  • Local delivery driver: CDL holders as young as 18 can get a good job delivering goods in Hillsboro, Gresham, Tigard, and elsewhere in the Portland area. The local delivery of food, furniture, and other products is important to the economy.
  • Long-haul driver: Every year, millions of trucks deliver products from the Portland area to elsewhere in the country. If you earn a CDL, you can get paid to drive across America.

Transportation industry job outlook

These days, transportation companies can’t hire truck drivers fast enough. It’s true: Baby boomers, the country’s largest generation, are reaching retirement age, leaving a significant void that younger drivers need to fill. According to one estimate, the U.S. will need 330,000 new drivers by 2020. Also, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be an 11% increase in truck driver employment from 2012 to 2022.

Many people are becoming truck drivers because there’s a plenty of room for upward mobility. A driver can start out as an employee and work his way up to an owner/operator or administrator. Surely, your prospects for employment with a CDL are much higher than they might be if you choose another field of study.

Elite Truck School job placement

If you enroll in CDL training at Elite Truck School, we’ll do everything we can to help you get a great job in Gresham, Beaverton, Clackamas, or elsewhere in the Hillsboro area. We’re happy to provide lifetime job placement assistance.

An amazing 96% of our graduates have found local and long-haul driving jobs thanks in part to our job placement services. To begin a long and promising career in the transportation industry, consider getting your CDL training at Elite Truck School.

Lifetime truck driving job placement assistance

Our Portland area truck driving school originally began when our owner saw the need for professional CDL truck drivers. At Elite Truck School, we offer a service that is unparalleled. We work with you to provide the tools you need and offer assistance throughout our truck driving programs.

Not only do we deliver high-quality training so you can obtain your Class A CDL, but we also continue providing help through our lifetime job placement assistance. We have a 96% job placement rate and we help our graduates with local and long-haul truck driving jobs.

You can depend on us for the following:

  • Continuous superior training
  • A school that takes care of you
  • Personalized attention to meet your needs
  • A well-equipped facility
  • Lifetime assistance in job placement

When you come to Elite Truck School, you become a part of the family. That means we will strive to provide continuous support now and in the future.

Get started by calling (503) 608-4171 today!