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Admission Procedures at Elite Truck School

The first step is for you to read the school catalog and familiarize yourself with the program and what it offers. You then will set up an appointment with an Elite Admission Representative to be interviewed and discuss the program, the industry, and career opportunities.


During the interview process, we will discuss the uniqueness of the industry and how it is different from many other industries. Because of the uniqueness of the industry, it is important to us that we give you all the information possible, so you can make an educated choice for what is right for you.


We will discuss with you the job opportunities available to you upon completion of the program. We will also point out the different opportunities you may pursue once you enter the industry and gain experience.


At the interview, we will address issues that may affect your ability to benefit from our program. These issues may include bad driving records, inability to pass an FMCSA medical exam, incomplete work history, or criminal record.


We encourage you to ask any and all questions you may have during this process. We want to be sure that you are as knowledgeable and informed as possible before you decide to attend Elite, and pursue a career as a professional truck driver.


After the interview process, we will process an enrollment agreement and upon review and acceptance of the agreement by a school official, you will be enrolled in the program.


Department of Transportation Physical


Students must be able to pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) Physical. A few of the common failures of the DOT physical requirements are, color blindness, high blood pressure, some mental illnesses, diabetes, vision less than 20-40 that is not correctable, epilepsy, seizures, and use of certain prescribed medications. If you have any questions concerning physical conditions that may prohibit you from passing a DOT physical, please discuss this with an Elite Admission Representative.  Students are welcome to use Elite Truck School’s contracted clinic to obtain their Medical Card.  Otherwise see for a list of certified medical examiners.


Students must also be able to pass a DOT drug screen before admission. In addition, you will be subject to random, probable suspicion, and post-accident drug and alcohol testing during the program per Federal Motor Carrier Regulations.  The drug testing process must be done through Elite Truck School and their contracted clinic.


Students are responsible for their physical exam and drug screen fees.


Further information regarding these programs can be obtained at