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Portland-Area Truck Driver Training

Although the economy has regained much of the ground it lost in the recession, there are still millions of people out of work. If you’re still unemployed, now is the ideal time to join our truck driving school for professional truck driving training.

Getting your CDL certification isn’t as hard as you might think, and there is plenty of demand for hiring truck drivers. If you live in the Hillsboro area, you won’t find a better truck driving school than Elite Truck School. We’ve been helping talented drivers land lucrative regional truck driving jobs, local truck driving jobs, and other trucking jobs in the industry since 2003.

Portland Area Truck Driver Training at Elite Truck School in Hillsboro, OR

The best reasons to become a truck driver

When considering whether or not to go to trucking school, it’s important that you know what’s involved with driving a truck. Here are a few benefits of pursuing a job in the trucking industry:

  • Plenty of open positions: By some estimates, there are as many as 25,000 trucking positions waiting to be filled. Since people will always need to buy products, the demand for truckers will likely continue to rise.
  • A feeling of freedom: Many truckers will tell you that cruising the open road inspires a feeling of freedom that’s difficult to duplicate. Few jobs allow you to see the whole country from your office.
  • Ample opportunity for advancement: Entry-level truck driving jobs tend to pay fairly well, and it only gets better from there. Once you get some experience, you might advance your career by becoming an owner-operator or an administrator for a trucking company.
Elite Truck Schools Programs in Portland, OR

Elite Truck School’s programs

Attending the right CDL school is key to kicking off a stellar trucking career. Elite Truck School is one of the finest trucking schools around—whether you take our CDL training classes or CDL refresher training course, you’re sure to get an excellent education. Here are some of the things we offer:

  • Comprehensive training: Our Class A CDL training program involves 160 hours of classroom and hands-on learning. Within four weeks, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to get started as a trucker.
  • Excellent learning environment: We like to think of our instructors and students as a great, big family. Our friendly and experienced instructors work hard to make our school as welcoming as possible.
  • Job placement assistance: Simply earning your CDL may not be enough to guarantee you a trucking job. After you complete your training, we’ll gladly help you with job placement within our vast network.

Millions of people have found fulfilling careers on the road, and the trucking industry is in dire need of more responsible CDL truck drivers.

Interested in truck driver training? Call (503) 608-4171 today!