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Elite Truck School is unlike any other truck training school in Portland in large part because of our staff. Founded in 2003, Elite Truck School has helped thousands of students get the CDL jobs they want. To learn more about the staff at our truck driver training school, read on.

Greg Reisnaur founded Elite Truck School in 2003 after two decades of experience in the trucking industry. Suzanne Reisnaur, who also has 20 years of experience in the trucking industry, is the co-owner and office manager of Elite Truck School, and is the School Certifying Official for veterans. Thad Stovall is the Manager of Training. A graduate of Elite Truck School, Thad has worked as a driver, owner-operator, and instructor. He specializes in CDL job placement at Elite Truck School. Our instructors—Mike Coates, Paul Coates, and Alan Cattron—are all graduates of Elite Truck School. Not only have our instructors worked in a variety of CDL jobs, but they have years of teaching experience.