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Answering Common Questions About Car Hauling Jobs

Exploring a career as a car hauler

Car hauling stands out as one of the popular truck driving jobs, widely available for individuals in the Greater Portland area. This job involves moving vehicles across the country and is just one type of truck driving opportunity in the area. Read on to find answers to common questions about car hauling.

What exactly is car hauling?

Car hauling involves a large truck, known as a tractor unit, pulling lengthy trailers filled with various cars and trucks. Typically, these vehicles are transported from manufacturers to dealerships for sale to new buyers. However, car haulers might also carry damaged vehicles to junkyards or recycling facilities. In some cases, they transport special vehicles like antique or exotic cars for owners who wish to avoid adding unnecessary mileage or risking damage during transit. When taking on a job, a car hauler is responsible for ensuring the safe transport of vehicles, conducting inspections, and keeping them secure throughout the journey.

What are the driving requirements?

The main requirement to haul cars is a Class A commercial driver’s license. This can be obtained through a truck driving training program. Car hauling companies do not usually require truck driving candidates to have additional endorsements, but it is always smart to receive endorsements—for hazmat or tanker, for example—to show more skills and potential. Car hauling companies will also look for driving experience, so it is best to work with a truck driving school that offers hands-on experience from the beginning of the program.

What is the lifestyle of a car hauler?

Similar to many truck-driving jobs, car haulers often lead a lifestyle involving days away from home and extended driving hours to meet deadlines. However, car haulers often have the flexibility to set their own schedules and decide how many hours they want to work. Choosing a reputable car hauling company is crucial for achieving the desired lifestyle.

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