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CDL FAQs in Portland, OR

Elite Truck School in Portland, OR is one of the best CDL preparation and training courses offered in the state of Oregon. Our teachers are former drivers that want to share their passion for the driving industry and their personal experiences with you to help you become an expert truck driver. If you’re thinking of getting your CDL in Oregon, you probably have key questions about the process and how it works. We’ve compiled a list of the most common CDL questions and answers on our CDL FAQ page to help you learn more about what to expect.

CDL questions and answers

How can I get a CDL if I live in Oregon?

To receive your CDL in Oregon, you have to meet requirements for needing a CDL, apply for your CDL at your local DMV, pass both written or driving exams to make sure you have the skills necessary, and, of course, pay any fees for testing and certificates.

Can I get my Oregon CDL if I’m licensed in another state?

If you’re licensed in another state, you can receive your CDL in Oregon, but you’ll still have to go through a process. You’ll need to study the Oregon driver manual, be able to provide proof of identification and residence in Oregon, pass the Class C non-commercial general knowledge test, pass a vision screening test, and then you’ll have to turn in your out-of-state CDL and pay any required fees. If you’re seeking the same driving privileges as the previous state you were licensed in, the DMV could waive the driving tests. You’ll have to clear a TSA criminal background check to retain a hazardous materials endorsement as well.

What do I need to do if I’ve lost my CDL?

If you’ve lost your CDL, you can purchase a replacement of it at your local DMV for less than $30. You’ll need proof of identification.

Do I need an instruction permit before I can get my CDL?

While you don’t need a learner’s permit to take the commercial driving test, you will need an instruction permit in order to receive training and practice for the test. You’ll also need it if you’re taking your CDL test with a third party and not a DMV instructor.

How long is my CDL valid for, and how much does it cost?

Your CDL will be valid for 8 years, barring any incidents in which your CDL has been revoked or suspended. The average cost to get your CDL in Oregon is generally around $205. You’ll need to pay $10 each for basic and knowledge tests, around $70 for the driving test itself, $40 for the Certificate of Test Completion, and then you’ll need to pay for the licensing fee, which is $75.50 if you’re already a licensed driver in Oregon.

When it’s time to renew your CDL, it’ll cost around $61, and if you need or want to remove the air brake restriction on your CDL, you’ll have to pay a fee of $56.

Are Oregon driver manuals available online?

They are! You can find the Oregon CDL Driver’s Manual on the DMV’s website.

When am I required to get a CDL, and are there exceptions?

If you’re operating a vehicle over 26,000 pounds, a vehicle that can carry more than 15 passengers (including you), or a vehicle that will be transporting hazardous materials, you’ll need a CDL license to legally be able to do so. The only exceptions are for personal RVs that aren’t being used commercially, some farm equipment, and emergency fire and service vehicles operated by firefighters or emergency service personnel.

Let the Elite Truck School in Portland prepare you for your test by giving you hands-on knowledge, professional training, and individualized attention. We’re a small, family environment that focuses on you, and we’ll equip you with practice tests and real experience using our equipment and on-site loading dock and training area. If these CDL FAQs didn’t give you all the answers, feel free to reach out to us to learn more about Class A CDL Refresher Training.