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Questions and Answers About Elite Truck School

Is Elite Truck School licensed?
Yes. Our school is licensed by the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission and by the Washington State Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board.

Will Elite Truck School help me with my DMV written test?
Yes. Our school is there to help you in any way we can. During the first week of our program, we will be preparing you for the DMV written tests.

If I have trouble learning from a book, is this going to limit me in the program?
We understand there are many people who do not learn their best from simply reading the information in a book. Our classrooms are hands-on and you can learn much of the information through personal interaction. If you have trouble learning the information, we can provide additional tutoring.

What if my driving record is not clean?
We know that many people face a dilemma when they have marks on their driving records. If this is you, there may still be options. We can assess your situation on a personal basis to determine if there is something that can be done. We encourage you to get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can begin considering which options are available.

Will my age limit me in getting into Elite Truck School or finding a job afterward?
If you are able to pass the Department of Transportation Physical, your age typically does not limit you from being able to join our program and find employment. We have had students from ages 18 to 70 who were able to make it through our program and secure jobs following completion of the course.

Where are your campus locations?
We have one location in Hillsboro, which allows us to serve Portland and the surrounding area. We keep our school and our class sizes small so you can continue to have personalized attention.

What is the schedule for the program?
We operate Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm, and we also have weekend classes available.

For additional questions, contact Elite Truck School at (503) 608-4171.