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Also known as a Learner’s Permit, a CDL Instruction Permit allows its holder to operate a truck when accompanied by a qualified person sitting in the front passenger seat. To learn more about what a CDL Instruction Permit allows you to do and how you can obtain one, read this article. And for the best CDL training programs in Portland, come to Elite Truck School.

What You Can Do with a CDL Instruction Permit
A CDL Instruction Permit allows its holder to operate any vehicle—other than a vehicle carrying hazardous materials or a motorcycle—provided that a certain person is sitting in the passenger seat. The person in the passenger’s seat must be at least 21 years, must hold a valid commercial driver license (CDL) for the vehicle being driven by the CDL Instruction Permit holder, and must have the appropriate endorsements for the vehicle being operated by the permit holder. CDL Instruction Permits are valid for one year after they are issued, but they can be renewed prior to expiration.

Qualifying for a CDL Instruction Permit
If you certify intrastate or excepted interstate driving, you must have a Regular Driver License with one year of driving experience in at least a non-commercial Class C vehicle. You must be at least 18 years old, provide proof of your address, pass a vision screening, and provide a copy of a valid medical examiner’s certificate that proves you meet the minimum medical standards for holding a CDL Instruction Permit in Oregon. If you certify a non-excepted interstate driving type, you must meet the same qualifications, but be at least 21 years old.

Applying for a CDL Instruction Permit
To apply for a CDL Instruction Permit, you must complete a Commercial Driver License Application and pass the CDL General Knowledge Test. You must pay all of the testing and issuance fees as well. It is recommended that you go to truck drivers school to obtain the experience and knowledge required to pass the road and knowledge tests, and to have CDL job placement for life.