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Earning your Commercial Driver’s License, or CDL, is the first step toward becoming a hirable individual. However, trucking companies can only give their CDL jobs to reliable drivers with a clean record and reputable education. By attending a quality truck driving school near Portland and keeping a steady employment record, you can make yourself more hirable to any trucking company. Let’s look at further tips and details to becoming more hirable as a commercial driver.

Tip #1: Attend a Respected Trucking School

When you start applying for CDL jobs, trucking companies are going to look at where you trained. While many companies may simply desire a CDL certification, most will also look at the school you trained with. Attend a respected truck driving school and truck driving program with good reputations. Look for driving schools that offer extensive drive time and a low instructor-to-student ratio.

Tip #2: Have a Steady Employment Record

Just like any company, a trucking company will look at your resume and employment record before hiring you. To make yourself more hirable as a commercial driver, it is important to show a steady employment record. This type of record should show steady employment overall, as well as at least one year with each company you have worked for. Loyalty and reliable employment shows trucking companies that you are a worthwhile investment, because you will stick with the company for a long time. In addition to company loyalty, ensure your references and past employers will speak well about your work ethic and employment record.

Tip #3: Carry a Clean Background

It is very important to have a clean background, which will include any drug or criminal history. Companies must be able to trust their trucking jobs with dependable employees who have not engaged in questionable activities. Their own reputation is on the line, and an employee with a record can cause clients to lose faith. By keeping a clean drug and criminal history, you can ensure that your professional and personal records look desirable to any trucking company.