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Whether you’ve just recently obtained your CDL or are now thinking about enrolling in truck driving school in Portland, you’re on the cusp of starting a new career as a truck driver and want to make sure that you start out on the right foot, so to speak. To jumpstart your driving career, here are some tips from experienced truck drivers.

  • Demonstrate your value and dedication by never refusing a load if you can help it
  • Be prompt and on time, and communicate with your dispatcher or the customer if your delivery or pick-up will be delayed
  • Maintain a friendly relationship with your dispatcher for better loads, more miles, and ultimately larger paychecks
  • Explore all of the career paths and opportunities at your company

If you want to feel confident in your new driving career, gain professional skills and knowledge first by enrolling in truck driving school in Portland. In addition to learning the practical driving skills and abilities you’ll need on the road, you’ll also gain real-world tips from experienced faculty who have spent many collective years as truck drivers themselves.