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Are you interested in trucking jobs in Portland and wondering what you need to do to get one? If so, then read on to learn a few tips that can increase your chances of landing a trucking job.

Meet the minimum qualifications.

Before proceeding with your truck driving job hunt, it’s important to ensure that you meet baseline qualifications for this position. Requirements for drivers can vary between companies, but keep in mind that certain trucking jobs offer better job security pay than others, and that the best positions are typically found at companies with the most stringent standards. All truckers need to pass a Department of Transportation physical evaluation, and certain health problems and the use of some medications can disqualify you from a professional truck driving job. Finally, drug and alcohol violations and having a criminal record can severely affect your ability to land a trucking job.

Get a CDL license.

If you want to land a great trucking job, then you should plan to obtain a commercial driver’s license, which is often referred to as a CDL. Having the type of qualification can open up many opportunities for you and make it much easier to find an excellent driving position. In addition to a CDL license, focus on gaining some driving experience before you start job hunting. An easy way to cover both of these bases is to attend a truck driving school and complete a CDL training program. During your training, you will learn the basics of truck driving, gain driving experience on the road, and earn your CDL license upon completion.

Take a refresher course.

If you have worked as a professional truck driver in the past and you’re interested in getting back into the industry, then a truck driving refresher course can be an invaluable tool. Obtaining this training before you begin your job hunt can show prospective employers that you are serious about getting back into truck driving and that you’re familiar with current driving laws and regulations.