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Truck driving is an exciting and rewarding profession. When you enroll in a truck driving school, you will receive all of the skills you need to enter the work force as a commercial trucker. Trucking jobs require long hours behind the wheel, so it is important to make sure that you take steps to stay healthy and active when you are driving a truck. A truck driving school near Portland will provide you with the knowledge you need to stay healthy and fit as a truck driver. To help you get ready for your trucker training program, here is a look at some tips for staying fit when you’re a truck driver.

Exercise Daily
One of the best ways to stay fit when you are a truck driver is to take the time to exercise every day. Even 15 minutes of exercise on a daily basis will go a long ways towards toning your muscles and keeping your back healthy and strong. You may want to plan simple exercises, such as sit-ups and push-ups, that can be performed at a truck stop.

Carry Healthy Snacks
When you are on the road, you may be tempted by the junk food and rich meals that are offered at truck stops. To ensure that you remain healthy and fit, it is a great idea to carry healthy snacks with you when you are on the road. Foods such as trail mix, nuts, and dried fruit are all great choices to keep on hand.

Keep a Fitness Log
Along with exercising and eating healthy foods, a fitness log can also help you stay active. To keep a fitness log, you can write down your meals and activities each day. This log will help you keep track of your progress over time. With these simple tips, you can ensure that you remain in peak shape as you work as a commercial truck driver.