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The trucking industry offers one of the most rapidly expanding job markets in the United States. When you are seeking a fantastic new career, you may want to enrolling in CDL training programs and applying for one of the many trucking jobs that is available in your area. With the help of CDL training programs in Portland, you can receive CDL job placement after you finish your truck driving training. Since truck drivers can apply for many different types of positions, it is important to learn more about which truck driving job may be best suited to you. Here is a closer look at some different CDL jobs that you may want to consider.

Dry Van Pulling

Pulling a dry van is among the most common types of jobs that are available for new truck drivers. When you pull a dry van, you will be responsible for transporting large quantities of dry goods that are not perishable. Typically, dry van pulling requires you to be qualified to haul a trailer that is up to 53 feet in length.

Reefer Hauling

Reefer hauling is a term that is used to describe the transport of refrigerated goods. A refrigerated trailer is required for any goods that are perishable. Since a reefer truck must be maintained at a certain temperature, this type of trucking job can add extra responsibility for the truck driver. If you are seeking a CDL job that has the potential to provide you with additional pay, you may want to consider reefer hauling.

Flat Bed Loads

Hauling flat bed loads is a specialty CDL job that requires special training and certification. Unlike a typical commercial truck, which is equipped with a closed container, a flat bed truck has a completely open back end. A flat bed truck is used to haul large pieces of machinery, and other items that do not fit in a conventional truck. With these great CDL jobs in mind, you will be ready to start your truck driver training today.