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After investing time and money, many students in truck driving school expect to be able to find CDL jobs near Portland. And while most of them will find trucking jobs after graduation, this is not a given. To make the most of your CDL training, read this article to learn about how to prepare for graduation.

Know the Job Market
There are plenty of trucking jobs out there. In fact, there are oftentimes more CDL jobs than truckers in the U.S.

With that said, the pay for trucking jobs and the desirability of a trucker will depend on the type of driving, driving record, and experience level of the truck driver.

Distinguish Between Different CDL Jobs
Many Class A CDL holders start out in over-the-road (OTR) trucking jobs. After getting some long-haul experience behind their belt, more CDL and CDL-related jobs become available, such as regional and local driving.

Pay Attention to Truck Driver Benefits
Trucking jobs range in the level of benefits they offer. Look at each benefits package when you are choosing among jobs. Health, life, and dental insurance are included in many types of CDL jobs. It is also possible to find trucking jobs that include paid vacation, paid sick days, and even a 401(k). Keep in mind that there are other benefits of trucking jobs. For example, job security—CDL jobs cannot be outsourced. As a truck driver, you also get to see the country.

Landing a Job
Going to a good CDL training school such as Elite Truck School will greatly improve your chances of getting a CDL job with benefits. Not only do CDL training programs help you pass the Class A CDL exam, but they give you experience driving a truck. Depending on the truck driving school you attend, you may even have access to CDL job placement. The best truck training schools have good relationships with a variety of carriers, which can help you get the best job for you.