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Truck driving schools near Portland offer different programs, such as refresher courses and beginning truck driving tutorials. Introductory truck driving courses are required to obtain your commercial driver’s license, or CDL. However, you may already have your CDL and simply want to retrain in specific aspects of truck driving. No matter your reason, here is a closer look at the different programs you will see at your local truck driving school:

CDL Training Programs

If you are new to truck driving and CDLs, then you will need to take a CDL training program at your local truck drivers school. This program will have all the required training that you need to pass a CDL test and to effectively begin your career in truck driving. CDL programs are often held in a mixed classroom and driving environment. You will read from instruction manuals, listen to instructors’ lectures, and have several hours of hands-on experience with a truck. Your hands-on experience will include learning and performing the required checklists, driving on the freeway and in town, and reversing and parallel parking a full-size tractor and trailer. This experience—in addition to the classroom learning you will receive—will help you earn your CDL and begin the trucking job of your choice.

Truck Driver Refresher Courses

You may choose a truck driver refresher course if you already have your CDL or have previous experience as a truck driver. Refresher courses are necessary if you have not had a truck driver job in a long time or regulations have changed. A truck driving school will offer refresher courses that address many areas of truck driving. For example, if you want to relearn all of the current and new rules of the road, then there should be a specific course to address this need. If you wish to get hands-on experience before reentering the workforce, then there will be a refresher course for you. Ask your truck driving school for more details on truck driving and CDL refresher training.