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When you have graduated your CDL training program, you will need to take a road test with the Department of Motor Vehicles. This examiner will look for common driving mistakes and observe your outward composure. The examiner will also pay attention to the information you retained from your truck driving program near Portland. Read on for a closer look at how to pass the CDL road test.


Confidence is one of the most important factors to acing a CDL training program, road test, or job interview. Interviewers and examiners want to see that you have studied the material and know that you put in work to avoid appearing nervous during the road test. If you act confident, then you will pass your test with ease.


In addition to confidence, your outward composure will be important to a successful road test. Examiners will pay attention to how you act throughout the test. If you are prone to anger at other drivers or your own mistakes, then stop this behavior before taking the test. CDL examiners must believe that you can handle yourself well under pressure. If you act angry, nervous, or scared throughout the test, then the examiners may be reluctant to award a CDL even if you have graduated from a CDL trucking school.


There are certain mistakes that an examiner may accept during a road test, such as making an excessively wide turn or grinding a gear. However, examiners will automatically fail you if you make seemingly small mistakes like hitting a curb. Automatic failure mistakes will also include forgetting a turn signal, not checking your mirrors during a lane change, and running a red light. These mistakes could cause dangerous outcomes in a real-world situation. Always err on the side of caution during your road test, and you should come through with flying colors.

Contact us for more tips on how to pass your CDL road test today.