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There are many ways to make yourself and your resume more attractive to trucking companies. In addition to periodically taking truck driver refresher courses, you should earn multiple endorsements and maintain a flexible schedule. These traits and educational skills show trucking companies that you are dedicated to being a dependable and valuable truck driver in the industry. Continue reading to see how to make yourself a more valuable and attractive candidate for different trucking jobs in Portland.

Earn Endorsements

Endorsements are very important to a successful driving career. If your trucking driving resume holds several endorsements, then trucking companies are likelier to hire you over other candidates. In addition to the Class license you hold—Class A, B, or C—you can hold various endorsements that are based off different knowledge and skills tests. Endorsements include the ability to drive hazardous materials, tank vehicles, school buses, passenger vehicles, and a double or triple trailer. Your truck driving school can help you study and earn these different endorsements.

Maintain Flexible Schedules

You need to have a flexible schedule to make you appealing to trucking companies. These companies must be able to depend upon their drivers to transport cargo or passengers when needed and reach destinations in a timely manner. If you maintain a difficult schedule to take on trucking jobs, then you are likely to lose valuable driving experience, wages, and trucking jobs. Speak with your friends and family about ensuring that your schedule is open so that you are available to take on jobs.

Take Refresher Courses

Throughout your trucking career, there will be changes in regulations, technology, and driving techniques. It is important to take truck driver refresher courses periodically to ensure that your skills and knowledge are up to date. Trucking companies will see how much value you put into your trucking education, and they will hire you over other truck drivers who do not continue their education.