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Fighting for your country is a noble pursuit, but veterans often come home from their tours unsure of what they’ll be doing next. If you’re a veteran and you’re back home, you might be interested in truck driver jobs in Portland. Trucking jobs can be fulfilling on many different levels, and there are all different kinds of jobs in the field. You can start preparing by enrolling in a truck driving program and studying to earn your commercial license. This makes you eligible for a range of jobs and can lead to a rewarding career. You might also be able to skip the CDL test with the veteran CDL skills test waiver. Here’s what veterans should know about getting a CDL.

How to Prepare

Truck driver jobs are common choices for those who have served in the armed forces. Some of those who have been discharged from the services already have experience driving large vehicles, which can make for an easy transition back into civilian life. If you’re a veteran and you’re thinking about going for a trucking job, consider applying to a truck driver training school. You can find a truck driving school that is designed to help you earn your commercial driver’s license so you can get started on your new career.

Why It’s a Good Idea

A CDL is a great thing to have, as it opens you up to a broad range of career opportunities. Truck driving is a unique job, and in the same sense, it can fulfill you in ways that most other career paths cannot. Trucking jobs can take you all over the country, so you’ll have the opportunity to see things that you might never have seen otherwise. You may spend a significant amount of time by yourself, which is appealing to some people, and you can expect to be secure in your job.

Veteran CDL Skills Test Waiver

With the help of your Commanding Officer, you can apply to skip the CDL skills test. If you already have military experience driving commercial vehicles, you may be able to move right to the written test.