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There are many reasons to switch from an unsecure and monotonous desk job to a commercial truck driver job in Portland. When you earn your commercial driver’s license—also known as a CDL—and get a truck driver job, then you will have a competitive wage, job security, and a more adventurous life. Let’s take a closer look at these compelling reasons to attend truck driving courses and make a job switch.

Earn a Competitive Wage

Commercial truck driving jobs provide a very good wage for all kinds of drivers. If you choose to drive part-time, full-time, or become a driver-owner, then you can begin earning up to $40,000 a year as a starting wage. As you become more experienced with on-the-road training and truck driver refresher courses, you can earn a higher wage with great benefits. You can earn an even greater wage by driving full-time, hauling diverse loads, and taking on longer assignments.

Live a Varied Life

If you work from a desk or in the same monotonous work setting, then you may desire a more adventurous life where you can see new sites every day. Trucking jobs provide some of the most varied and adventurous experiences for commercial drivers. You can see new cities, roadside attractions, and landscapes every day you drive. You can also meet new people and have memorable experiences wherever your current job takes you. If you desire a varied life filled with adventure, then you should switch to commercial driving.

Work a Secure Job

There has been a severe truck driver shortage in recent years, so many trucking companies are desperate to fill their truck driver jobs with qualified applicants. The trucking industry is also a vital component to the United States economy. These two factors make truck driving a secure job choice for drivers with the dedication to performing a job well done. If you are sick of jumping from job to job, then earn your CDL and find a spot in the growing trucking industry.