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Operating a commercial vehicle isn’t exactly like driving a regular car, and there are some specific differences to look out for if you want to earn your CDL and secure a truck driver job in Portland. Commercial vehicles operate differently, and in some cases, they can’t go on the same roads as your passenger vehicle, which is important to keep in mind. Backing up can be particularly tricky. If you aren’t new to commercial driving but you’ve taken some time off, you can always enroll in a refresher course at a truck training school. Keep reading and get familiar with your potential strike points.

You might be able to get a good picture of your surroundings when driving a sedan, but things are quite different when you’re driving a commercial truck. You won’t always be able to see all around you when you’re parking, so you need to know your potential strike points. The best way to identify these points is to get out of your truck and look around. This lets you see hazards you might not have been able to see from the driver’s seat. The sides of the trailer and the corner of the tractor are typical potential strike points.